Dad Helped Nab a Sex Offender

Did you hear about the dad who helped nab a sex offender? It all happened from his daughter’s computer. The daughter went out with friends and dad, doing his job, started going through his daughter’s chat files. He came across a very suspicious looking chat about some guy wanting to meet with his daughter for some fun. Well dad followed through with the chat pretending he was the daughter. The pervert wanted to meet and have sex with the daughter, so dad set up a meeting with the pedophile. This bad guy is going to be in for a huge surprise when the cops nab him when he gets there.Why is this bit of news worth mentioning? Because not only was the pedophile arrested for wanting to have sex with an underage girl, but for the awesome fact that the dad was protecting his daughter, like he is supposed to do! This father did the right thing by watching over and protecting his family. He had to take time out of his own schedule that evening to look through his daughters chat, and then he had to talk with this pedophile, all the while pretending to be his daughter, which takes courage. He could have done nothing and spent his evening watching television but he chose to protect his daughter instead.Let’s think of this scenario for a moment. What if dad didn’t take the time to scan his daughter’s chat logs? And what if this guy conned his way into the life of this young girl somehow and she agreed to meet with him? Perhaps the daughter would have gotten raped, beaten, and murdered? I don’t even like thinking about this as I type this article. It sends chills down my spine. I commend dad for doing his fatherly job.More dads need to step up to the plate and take their God-given responsibilities seriously. We live in dangerous times. It’s not the 1930’s anymore, when you could safely allow your children to walk to school or to a friend’s house. Today online and offline we have to worry about perpetrators looming in the midst of our children. Let’s not take any chances. This father didn’t wait to take chances – he dealt with it before it got out of hand, He took his job as head of the household seriously – he loves his family and took the needed steps to protect his family from harm.Understand that protecting teen boys is different than protecting teen girls. Although young boys still need the discipline and protection of their father, they may be bigger and stronger than their dad, and won’t take their dad walking them to their friend’s house with very much willingness. Sons still need loving guidance and wisdom in other areas. But with daughters it is totally different – they need physically protected at all times!One thing parents absolutely need is access to their teenagers computer and know the password. If the teen rebels, take their computer away. Who is the parent here? Don’t ever let your daughter walk alone anywhere, ever, even during the day! Don’t let your daughter drive somewhere alone, ever, even during the day. Always know where your children are going and how long they will be gone – have a telephone or cell phone number to call them at anytime where they are. Don’t take chances – be on top of your children’s activities and hobbies.Be the parents by taking your position seriously – don’t be afraid that your children won’t love you for protecting them. They will love you because you protected them. Your teenager may think of you as old-fashioned, traditional, and overly protective, but so what! Someday when they are adults, they will grow out of that childish need to feel like an adult and they will see for themselves “why” you were so protective of them.